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Examples of skins

New space dedicated to the examples of skins for your Ovidentia portal.

For all new installation or recasting of an existing site, these examples will be a good graphic base for the webmasters.

The skin is a topic it possible to personalize the elements of Ovidentia graphically. It gathers styles CSS, templates, images...

A skin does not modify the saved data (articles, contributions, files...), it personalizes their postings and manages their navigations.

See the examples of skins

Structures of skins

You will find in this space of the examples of skins (graphic themes) classified according to their structures: skins displayed in full pages (100%) or to stationary widths (compatible with the resolutions of screens 1024x768 or 800x600).


Access to the skins : here.



Configuring an authentication through Active Directory

This function provides the possibility to use Active Directory accounts (identifier and password) as a mean of authentication in Ovidentia.


How to activate the statistics

This tutorial will explain how to activate the statistics


How To Install Ovidentia

In this article we summarize the basic steps needed to install Ovidentia. We consider that we already have a working installation of Apache/PHP and Mysql.