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Ovidentia CVS repository

The complete Ovidentia source code is accessible in the Ovidentia CVS system.

You will always find the latest source code version of Ovidentia in our CVS repository.

Note that the CVS may contain new code that has not fully been tested yet and thus might cause problems. In case you want to use Ovidentia in a production environment, we recommend that you use the latest binary release, available in the Download area.

CVS client configuration

Set your environment variable CVSROOT or GUI client equivalent to

Next, you need to login into the CVS repository by typing

cvs login
or using the equivalent login method for your GUI client.

no password

The complete Ovidentia source code is available in the ovidentia/ subdirectory of the CVS tree. Use this command to get the development branch, where you will find the latest bug fixes and the newest features.

cvs checkout ovidentia
or use the equivalent method of your GUI client.

You can also browse the Ovidentia CVS repository and download individual source code files by using the CVS web interface.

Ovidentia CVS repository configuration :

  • Login : anonymous
  • server :
  • Path : /home/src/public
  • Module : ovidentia
  • Connection : pserver
  • Command : cvs -z3 checkout ovidentia